November News

November’s traditionally a quieter month for me. The season of summer parties and weddings is over and there’s usually a short lull before the madness of Christmas. This year’s proved to be pretty busy though, and I’ve been planning an exciting new show for the New Year with a team of magicians. Corporate Entertainment I …

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Magic Video: Travelling money

Most money travels digitally and invisibly these days. Watch as I do the same thing in the real world, using magic! This is one of my favourite pieces of magic to perform when I’m entertaining with magic at private events. If you enjoyed the video, follow me on Instagram or give my Facebook Page a …

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Magic Video: An Unexpected Theft

I tell these people I’m going to steal something from them before I do it. But what I do take is not quite what they are expecting! If you enjoyed the video, give my Facebook Page a like or follow me on Instagram for regular videos like this.

Magic Video: A Trick With a Hole

A quick magic trick with a hole. Well a playing card really, but the hole’s the important bit. Enjoy (and like and share if you do!) I post regular videos and other magic content to my Facebook Page. Give it a like!

Magic Video: Two card Trick

I had great fun filming some new magic videos around my local area last week. Here’s one of them – a card trick with two cards. I use “skill” to find the first card, then “real magic” for the second one. Enjoy! (and like and share if you do!) I post regular magic videos over …

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Magic video: Sunglasses Trick

I spent some time out in the sun in my local area filming magic videos yesterday. Here’s the first – more to come. Like and share if you enjoy it! Don’t forget to give my Facebook Page a like for regular videos and other content like this.

A Finger-Flicking February

I love doing magic for a living. It’s great fun, I get to meet a lot of interesting people and best of all, I can leave them with lasting memories that they’ll be talking about for a long time. When I tell people I that I’m a magician, people often ask exactly what I do. …

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