Meeting some of my heros

David Blaine & Darren Delaney

This weekend, I took a weekend off of performing after the busy Xmas and New Year period to relax, learn and socialise with 200 others at a special magician’s convention in Cheltenham.

What happens at a magician’s convention? We lock ourselves in secret rooms and cast spells of course!

Well, not quite. It’s a chance to meet old friends and make new ones, attend workshops and lectures, share tips and watch performances. And I got to meet some of my heros!

Highlights of the weekend were seeing a very frank interview with Derren Brown, brushing shoulders with David Blaine, and a chance to meet and learn from the world’s greatest close-up magician – Spanish magician Juan Tamariz.

Derren Brown & Peter Clifford

Juan Tamariz & Darren Delaney

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