8 Great reasons to book a magician for your corporate event

8 reasons why you should book a magician for your corporate event - header image

You’re organising a company event and need to book some entertainment.

As a corporate event magician I may be a bit biased, but do believe that magic is a brilliant entertainment option for many types of events.

Here are 8 reasons why booking a magician for your corporate event could be the best decision you make.

1) Magic makes networking better

I’m often hired to perform close-up magic at networking events. I mingle with the crowd, introduce myself to small groups, perform a few miracles and then move on to the next group.

Apart from the obvious entertainment factor, close-up magic is a brilliant way to get people speaking to each other at networking events. If people have just met, it also gives them a brilliant talking point after I leave them.

At events like this, I often introduce separate groups to each other, or pull in a lone stranger to join the group that I’m with.

“Darren interacted with everyone using close-up magic and got people who hadn’t met before talking amongst themselves. This is our second booking with Darren, he has been fantastic both times and we wouldn’t hesitate to book him again.”

Matthew Butt, Managing Director, Netwise

2) It will feel less like a “work do”

Yes, I know it is a work do – but you probably want your team or clients to relax and enjoy themselves as well!

Hiring a magician as entertainment is a brilliant way to make the event feel less like work and more like fun. Even if the goal of the night is work – networking, building client relationships, a product launch or team-building – magic will make that more effective at that too!

Darren Delaney performing close-up magic at a corporate networking event
Close-up magic makes corporate events fun.

3) Magic creates strong memories

How many events have you been to and were still talking about the canapés a week later? I’m guessing the answer is probably none.

Business events are often a bit dull and they have a tendency to be pretty forgettable. Hiring a good magician changes that. I have several corporate clients who invite me back for annual events, and their team are still talking about the magic I did for them a year ago!

From a business point of view, you get the benefit of these memories being associated with your company or brand. If it’s as client event, your sales and marketing teams will thank you!

4) Magic is very versatile

One of the brilliant things about magic is that it can be adapted to pretty much any type or size of event.

I’ve performed magic for 10 people in a private dining room and for over 500 attendees at black-tie awards dinners. 

Magic works up-close over drinks, at the table during a meal, or on-stage at conferences. 

Whether you want a magician for a Christmas party, a summer party, client entertainment, a team building event or even a virtual magician for an online event, a good magician will adapt their performance to most environments.

“Darren delighted and amazed our delegates in an innovative show of prestidigitation, mind-reading and many more tricks. That he did all that through the medium of Zoom was all the more magical.”

Nicholas Lockley, Director EMEA, PEI Media

5) Magic can help to promote your brand

Magic doesn’t just work with different audience sizes and environments. It can also help to actively promote your company, products or brand.

A magician experienced with corporate events can create or adapt their magic tricks to incorporate your products or brand message.

Whether it’s doing magic tricks with products, revealing your logo in a surprising way, or using branded packs of playing cards, magic can be a great addition to your brand marketing.

Magician Darren Delaney performing branded magic trick on stage at a corporate event
A good corporate magician can incorporate your brand into their performance

6) Stress-Free entertainment

Organising a business event is stressful. There’s so much to deal with – the venue, catering, organising the schedule, arranging attendance. The last thing you should be worrying about is the entertainment.

Unlike some forms of entertainment, magicians usually require minimal space and time to set-up. As we’ve already seen, it’s also a really adaptable entertainment option that can slot into most event schedules.

If you book a magician who’s experienced working at corporate events, they’ll know exactly what to do so you can focus on everything else you need to deal with!

7) You’ll get brilliant photos and videos

It’s common for companies to book a photographer and a videographer for events nowadays. The only problem is, there are only so many photos you can get of people standing around and “talking shop”.

If you book a magician your photos and videos will be much better. Your colleagues and clients laughing, looking amazed and generally having a great time.

8) Magic works for everyone

During my career as a professional magician, I’ve entertained people from all kinds of different industries, and from all over the world.

I’ve even performed virtual magic shows for audiences on every continent, except for Antarctica!

Magic works across cultural and language barriers.  Everybody can enjoy good magic and it’s a brilliant way to bring people of different backgrounds together.

“Booked Darren for our Xmas party on a recommendation of our CEO and he didn’t disappoint. Everyone thought he was fantastic, the tricks he did were hilarious and he engaged with all levels in our team!”

Corrine Barnes, Operations Manager, Pearson Ham Group

If you’d like to chat about how magic would work at your next corporate event, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Photo Credits: Nick Beard , HFM and IQPC

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