Entertainment for Corporate Events

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When you’re organising a corporate event, the options for entertainment can be a little overwhelming. While performing magic at corporate events, I meet many other great performers. Clearly, I’m a little biased and think that your best option is to hire a magician! That said, here are a few entertainment ideas to give you some inspiration for your next company event. I’ve worked with all of the people mentioned and would whole-heartedly recommend them all.

Live Music

Corporate Entertainment: Live Music
Liquid Strings provide a range of music for corporate events

It’s not a party without some kind of music. Sure, you could plug a phone in and play Spotify tracks in the background, but you can’t beat live music if you want to create a real atmosphere.

There are many agencies providing a range of musical genres for events. One that I’d recommend is Liquid Strings, who have a wide selection of professional musicians on their books. Visit Liquid Strings to find great live music for your corporate event.


Ultimate Event Dancers
Ultimate Event Dancers performing at a Bond Themed evening

Hiring professional dancers is a great choice if you want to make an impact and get the energy up at your event.

You can book a dance group who fit with the theme you may have planned, making for an even more memorable evening.

I’ve worked alongside Ultimate Event Dancers at several events and they’re great. They can provide a range of different dance styles and costumes.

Caricature Artist

Caricature of Darren Delaney
A caricature of yours truly, drawn by Chrissy Marshall

I’ve met lots of caricature artists over the years. They’re always a big hit with guests, with the added benefit that people can take their caricature home with them. Hiring both a close-up magician and a caricature artist roaming the room over drinks or dinner works really well. Double the entertainment!

One great artist is Chrissy Marshall – he’s a very talented caricaturist and a lovely bloke to boot.

Here’s a caricature he did of me at a recent corporate event. I promise that I’m much more handsome in real life!

Silhouette Artist

Silhouette Artist
Silhouettes make a very unique memory of your event

Silhouette art has a long history and there are a few artists who are continuing the tradition. A silhouette artist is a brilliant form of unique entertainment and much like a caricaturist, your guests can take a memory home.

I’d highly recommend Charles Burns who I’ve worked alongside on several occasions. He’s possibly the best known on the circuit and is outstanding at what he does.

Photo Booths

Photo booth for parties
We always dress like this

Always a popular addition to corporate events, photo booths work particularly well later in the evening once people have had a little “dutch courage”.

Photo-booths don’t usually clash with other entertainment you have planned for the evening – guests can choose to use them (or not!) as they wish. They also provide a take-home memory of the night.

I can recommend are Prop Ltd and Viva La Foto. Happy snapping!

Other ideas

There are so many entertainment options for corporate events, I couldn’t possible list them all here. A few other things I have seen are Flash Mobs, Pop-Up Ice-cream stands (mmmmmm!) and Interactive cocktail making.

Whatever you choose to do, be clear about what you want to achieve, and where possible choose entertainment that fits the mood of your event. Good entertainment can create a memorable experience that guests will remember for a long time afterwards. Did I mention that hiring a magician is a brilliant way to do this? (OK, I’ll stop self-promoting now!).

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