When’s The Best Time to Have a Magician at a Corporate Event?

When's the best time to have a magician at a corporate event?

You’ve been tasked with organising an event for your company and want to arrange some entertainment.

Hiring a magician is a great option. I’m a corporate event magician, so maybe I’m a little bit biased, but here’s a guide on the best times for magic at your event.

Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes, each with its unique purpose and atmosphere. Let’s delve into the common scenarios and when it’s ideal to bring a magician into the picture.

Magic During drinks

  • Roaming close-up magic is a popular choice
  • Magic works best earlier at drinks events
  • One magician can entertain about 50 people per hour 

There are lots of reasons you might be hosting a corporate drinks event – team celebrations, client entertainment, networking or product launches. 

Whatever the reason, when you’re thinking about hiring a magician, consider these factors:

  • When do people start arriving at your event?
  • How many attendees are expected?
  • Are there other entertainment, speeches, or presentations planned?
  • What’s the primary goal of the event?

I’m often booked to perform walkaround close-up magic during drinks events. I mingle with guests, engaging small groups with my magic as I move around the room over an hour or two. It’s a fantastic way to create buzz, spark conversations, and leave a lasting impression.

As a rule of thumb, I can entertain approximately 50 people per hour in this way. So, for a 100-person event, I’ll keep everyone entertained over a couple of hours. 

If your event is much larger, I can arrange other magicians to perform alongside me, saving you the hassle of dealing with different suppliers!

Take a look at the video below to see what walk-around magic looks like at a corporate drinks event.

Close-up magic creates a buzz at corporate drinks events

He did an amazing job working the room and being an “ice breaker”. He left our guests amazed!

Isabel Montalvão – Field Marketing Manager, Yieldify

Magic at the tables during dinner

  • One magician can entertain about 10 tables during dinner
  • A short performance at each table between courses
  • A great way to avoid lulls between courses

Corporate dinners come in all shapes and sizes. Small team celebrations, client entertaining, or awards dinners for 500+ people. 

When booking a magician for a dinner event, consider the same factors covered for drinks and also:

  • Floor-plan and number of tables
  • Are there any pre-drinks you need entertainment for?
  • Are there speeches or awards between courses?

There are three main ways I can entertain people with magic at a dinner:

Close-up Magic at the Tables: I’ll work around the room and do a short performance at each table. During most meals, there are natural gaps between food while one table finishes and the others are still eating – I’ll keep them entertained and amazed while they’re waiting for the next course.

Large Events: I can usually entertain up to 10 tables during a typical 3-course meal. This assumes there aren’t speeches, awards or other presentations happening between courses – you’ll want to allow extra time for those! For larger dinner events, I can arrange additional magicians to cover the whole room.

Smaller Dinners: If there are fewer than about 25 guests, I’ll perform for the entire group between each course. Like an full magic show, with breaks for food!

table magician corporate event
Magic at the tables prevents “lulls” between courses

Darren attended a client dinner of ours and wowed the guests with his tricks! He got everyone talking (or left speechless…) and kept everyone entertained! 

Kimberley Berry – Marketing Manager, Aztec Group

After dinner Magic

  • Once coffee is served, an incredible magic and mind-reading show
  • Ideal performance length 20-45 minutes
  • Ensure there’s a space that’s visible for all for the performance

Want to really add the “wow” factor to you dinner? An after-dinner magic show is a brilliant way to do just that. 

Once dinner is over and coffee is served, I’ll perform an amazing magic and mind-reading show for the whole room.

As a bonus, I can incorporate your company branding, products, and even involve special guests or clients for an immersive and personalised experience.

Here’s a little teaser of my corporate magic show

A magic show is a brilliant way to finish a corporate event

Other ways to use magic at corporate events

While the scenarios mentioned above are the most common, there are many creative ways to add magic to your corporate event.

One company hired me to perform magic in their canteen every lunchtime for a week as a “Well-being week” treat for staff!

Here are a few other ideas.

Event Host: If you have an awards evening or an event with multiple speakers, consider hiring a magician to host. I can ensure the event runs smoothly, while adding that extra touch of magic.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Stand out at trade shows by engaging attendees with magic and introducing pre-qualified prospects to your sales team. As a trade show magician, I’ll also incorporate your branding into my tricks.

Product Launches: Make your product launch unforgettable by collaborating with a magician. I can create magic involving your product or branding.

Virtual Events: If you’re organising an online event, my virtual magic shows are a brilliant way to make it fun, engaging and memorable. It’s an interactive magic show over Zoom or your preferred video-conferencing software. I’ve performed virtually in every continent (except Antarctica!) and my show has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the “i” and on Sky and ITV News.

Darren delighted and amazed our delegates in an innovative show of prestidigitation and mind-reading. That he did all that through the medium of Zoom was all the more magical!

Nicholas Lockley – Director EMEA, PEI Media

Whatever type of corporate event you’re planning, I’d love to discuss how I can make it magical. Contact me to chat about possibilities. I look forward to creating an amazing experience for your event!

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