Virtual Magician

Live, interactive magic over Zoom*

Want to make your next virtual event memorable and fun? I’m a professional magician and I’ve  created an online magic show that you can enjoy without leaving your sofa!

It’s fully interactive – the magic happens for you, even though I’m not physically there (I know, like magic!) I’ll amaze you with the kind of magic and mind-reading you usually only see on TV, live in your living room.

To enjoy the virtual magic show, you just need a laptop or tablet and a decent internet connection. A glass of wine might be nice too, but that’s entirely up to you!

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*Prefer Microsoft Teams, Webex or Google Meet? That’s possible too!

Virtual Magician

Live, interactive magic over Zoom*

"10 out of 10 for engagement, fun and 'how on earth did he do that!'"


When you book me as a virtual magician for your online event, I’ll send you an invite for a conference via Zoom*. It’s a video conferencing software that allows lots of you to watch and interact with the show from different locations.

On the day, you’ll enjoy an interactive magic show, from the comfort of your own home. You just need a decent internet connection and a laptop or tablet.

It’s interactive, so you get to be involved with the magic – not like TV or YouTube clips where you just passively watch! I can also customise the show to your celebration or company.

*If you prefer a different platform like Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts, that can be arranged too!

virtual magician

When I was still allowed out of the house, I entertained guests at prestigious venues including Grosvenor House, Soho House, The Groucho Club, LouLou’s, The RAF Club, and The Hurlingham Club. I was also an official performer at The Royal Variety Performance Afterparty

As well as an impressive list of corporate clients, I’ve performed at events for clients including Jez Butterworth (Jerusalem, The Ferryman), Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), The Mittal Family and Dame Esther Rantzen DBE.

I started working as a “virtual magician” back on April 2020 and I’ve now performed my virtual magic show for well over 100 audiences, both small and large, and on every continent (OK, apart from Antarctica. I’m still working on that!)


"Rave reviews and feedback. It was exactly what the team needed; some fun to forget about WFH challenges right now!"



How long is a virtual magic show?

There are 3 different length shows to suit different events – 20, 30 and 45 minutes long. This is flexible though, so if you’re looking for something bespoke to fit into an existing event, just let me know!

Who is a virtual magic show suitable for?

My virtual magic show is mainly geared towards adult audiences –  it is family friendly  though! When I’m performing at virtual corporate conferences, many people bring their family into the room to watch the magic. Clients have mentioned that this adds something really special that they don’t get during “live” corporate events.

How long have you been a virtual magician for?

I’ve been a full-time professional magician for many years and started performing virtual magic shows in March 2020 when live events came to a standstill. Since then, I’ve performed my virtual magic show for audiences small and large, for virtual birthday parties and social events, and for corporate clients including Google, Deloitte, Pinterest, Credit Suisse, Cisco and JP Morgan. 

I’ve also performed on every continent! OK, apart from Antarctica, I’m still working on that one

Is a virtual magic show actually any good?

Of course it is! OK, I’m probably a bit biased on this – I have been performing the show for over 7 months and people are consistently writing nice things about the show and recommending me to their friends and colleagues. You can read some of the feedback from clients on this page, and watch videos with some highlights.

Since March, I’ve invested in a full home studio with high-quality video and lighting equipment to ensure the show looks and sounds as good as the content.

How many people can watch a virtual magic show?

My show is suitable for audiences of all sizes – I’ve performed for audiences of 2 people, over 500 people, and everything in between! The show is interactive, and while some parts involve only 1 or 2 people from the audience, there are sections that everyone can be involved with.

Do you always perform your virtual magic show on Zoom?

Not at all! I’ve performed on all of the major video conferencing platforms and the show works on all of them. I tend to find Zoom is the best experience, but if you’d prefer to use Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meet, or something else, just let me know!

Do you send anything out to attendees?

My usual virtual magic show doesn’t involve anything being sent to attendees. As long as everybody’s got a laptop or tablet with an internet connection, they don’t need anything else to enjoy the show.  A drink’s always nice, but that’s entirely up to you.

I can arrange for special stuff to be sent out for events at client’s request and this works really well too, particularly if you want to add some extra branding to your show.

How do I pay?

Once you book a show, you’ll receive an invoice which can be paid by bank transfer or any major credit or debit card.


Iain Arthur

"An amazing experience - he is engaging, interactive, funny, and very talented. Darren kept every single person involved and we each had a memorable time. A complete and unequivocal 100% recommend!"


When lockdown started, I filmed a bunch of “Quarantine Magic” videos to keep people entertained while they were stuck at home. Here are a couple of them (you can watch the rest on my YouTube Channel)

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I am going to book him again ASAP!

Hannah Campbell


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Lora Thompson

100% recommended, fantastic entertainer!

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You can also call me directly on +44 (0) 20 3151 7551, or email