How do you join The Magic Circle?

How do you join The Magic Circle?

The Magic Circle is well-known not just amongst magicians, but also to the general public. When I’m out performing magic at events, people frequently ask questions about the famous magicians’ society. “How do you join The Magic Circle?” is a common one, so I’ll answer that in this post, as well as giving you a […]

New Showreel Video

After sifting through a mountain of performance footage from the last couple of years, I’ve finally pulled together a new Showreel video. It’s a montage of performance, audience reactions, and lovely things clients have said about me. I hope you enjoy it!

Performing tomorrow at “Kind of Magic”

If you’re in Central London tomorrow, pop by to Primo Bar at Westminster Park Plaza for a free night of magic and dance called “Kind of Magic.” I’ll be performing along with a number of great acts. Best of all, it’s free!